I Refuse to Be Old

In a few days I turn 35!  I realize that in the grand scheme of things, that is not old, but I have to say that in the past year I feel like I have aged 20!  Seriously, old people love me because I can chat with them for hours about hospitals and doctors and drug interactions.  My 85 year old grandmother and I are dealing with about the same level of osteoporosis and my grandfather and I both go to the same hematologist for our iron infusions!  The final straw for me, however, is that both my doctor and my husband have suggested that I start drinking Boost or Ensure to help me get nutrients I need and to put on weight.

I understand rationally that this is a very practical suggestion and something that would probably be good for me, but still!  It’s like how I refused to go full mini-van when I had the twins… I got a compact SUV so that I could hang on to some shred of (probably imagined) coolness.  And so, I am refusing to go on a complete old people diet on principle.  I will eat bland and mushy foods and stay away from nuts and all vegetables, but I am drawing the line.  No Boost for me, I am still young, and hip, and funky fresh, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

Ok, yes, I have sort of thrown in the towel when it comes to getting ready.  90% of the time if I am not in yoga pants I am wearing maternity jeans, but comfort and ability to easily crawl on the ground with the toddlers is what matters right now.  And I only wear makeup about twice a month.  Seriously, a few weeks ago, Sebastian and I went to a formal event for Best Buddies and when we were leaving Curly said, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”  I had on eyeshadow, she had just never seen it before!

And I go to bed before 10 almost every night and nap as often as possible during the day.  I blame this one on the fact that I am still healing and anemic, which is true, but I also really just love to sleep.

My body may not be acting it’s age right now, but I REFUSE TO BE OLD YET!

So in order to feel better about my impending age shift to the over 35 bracket, I have decided to ask for your help.  I have been talking a lot lately about Mommies In Need, if you aren’t up to speed, then you can read about it here and here.

Basically I have jumped into a major project of awesomeness by starting a non-profit corporation from the ground up in a very short period of time- let’s see my grandparents do that!  (But if you are reading this Gaga and Gingi, please don’t be offended, I can only hope that I am as cool as you guys when I’m your age!)

For my birthday I am asking for everyone to help support Mommies In Need whatever way you can.  Obviously, money would be amazing (we really need it if we are going to keep going) and you can either send a check to Mommies In Need at PO Box 601562 Dallas, Tx 75360 or donate on our website here, you can use a credit card or PayPal so no excuses!

If you can’t support it financially, I totally understand, but please take a second to share a link to the website at www.mommiesinneed.org on your facebook or twitter or email it to your friends in the hope that someone you know might want to help.  And like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mommiesinneed and share the status updates we post there (while you are at it, you can always like this blog’s page too!)  Getting the word out is a huge part of building a charity, and I can’t do that by myself.

And finally if you have some other way that you can help, great!  I am open to ideas and suggestions, and would love to get more people involved with Mommies In Need.  Do you know a business who would like to help us financially or with in-kind donations?  Wonderful!  Do you want to have a garage sale and donate the money to us?  I would heart you forever.  Are you a web design wiz and want to help us spruce up the site?  I seriously need some help on that front since I am deficient in both iron and technology skills.  Are you or do you know someone who needs help caring for their kids in the middle of a major health crisis?  If so, I am so sorry because I hate that anyone else has to go through this, but let me know, we aren’t quite ready to expand yet, but if the right situation came along I would be thrilled for MIN to step in and help.  You can email me about anything related to Mommies In Need at natalie@mommiesinneed.org.

So, you have your request.  I don’t need cards (although if you already send them, thank you!) and I don’t need stuff (although if a certain someone already bought me a spa massage I will not turn it down) but what I do need is support for Mommies In Need.  This organization has given me an incredible sense of purpose and allowed me to find some meaning in all of the craziness I have been going through these past few years.  So feel free to wish me a Happy Birthday on Facebook on December 4, but if you do that, please also consider giving a few moments of your time or a few dollars to a truly worthwhile cause.  And know that with every donation or share of the link that I see I do a little happy dance.  Please help me dance my way all through my birthday week, and know that the one time I don’t feel old is when I’m shaking my groove thang!

**I am clearly still young and hip as evidenced by my timely and relevant turn of a phrase!**

Here is one example of me doing a Happy Dance at my wedding.  Yes, it is almost always awkward and often involves booze!
Here is one example of me doing a Happy Dance at my wedding. Yes, it is almost always awkward and often involves booze!

Oh and if you need any more incentive, If I raise $500 or more for Mommies In Need before December 7 (in the week of my birthday) I will post a truly ridiculous video of myself dancing with the dog taken by my husband when I had no idea the camera is on.  It is fairly humiliating and probably quite hilarious to others, but I am willing to sacrifice my dignity for a good cause!

2 thoughts on “I Refuse to Be Old

  1. […] I do like some of the changes in myself though… I have found this blog, a place where I can be truly honest rather than just “sucking it up” or pretending that I am fine when inside I am a giant hot mess.  It has been wonderfully liberating to have pretty much everyone I know (and a lot of strangers) filled in on my struggles so people are kind of caught up to my drama and I don’t have to spend every moment talking to them discussing my health issues, because I Refuse To Be Old! […]

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