A Brief Timeline of Crazy

At various points while reading this blog, you may get a little confused about when all of these crazy things I write about happened.  So here is a brief timeline of my super crazy life for the past few years.  A subheading for this page could be : How I survived 5 surgeries, the removal of 3 major organs, a cross country move and becoming a mother to twins with my optimism, sense of humor, and sanity (mostly) intact.

May 2011: Lose a baby in a devastating miscarriage.

September 2011:  Find out I’m pregnant… with twins!

February 2012:  Pack up and move from LA to Dallas, TX when I am 32 weeks pregnant with said twins and basically look like I am smuggling a 30lb turkey under my shirt

So big I had to drive a rascal scooter in Walmart!

March 30, 2012: Give birth to my beautiful baby girls, Curly and Flopsy, 4 weeks after moving by emergency c-section

May 2012: 6 weeks after their birth wind up having an emergency hysterectomy- this story is the epitome of SuperCrazy

March 2012- present: Become a full time stay at home mommy to these amazing twins who are quite possibly the worst sleeping babies in the history of the world

March 2012- December 2012: Live through my auto-immune disease (Ulcerative Colitis) getting progressively worse and a long series of seriously not fun treatments until my doctors and I decide to cure it (Yay!) by getting a surgery that removes my entire colon (not so Yay!)

January 2014: 3 days before scheduled colon surgery find out that I have a nodule on my thyroid that is possibly cancerous and that I need a biopsy

In above mentioned office visit: Flip the f&#k out

January 2014: Get surgery anyway and spend 8 days in the hospital

February 2014: Find out I do have thyroid cancer (totally unrelated to anything else) and get surgery to remove my entire thyroid gland

April 2014: Recover just enough to go back in and get another surgery to complete the whole colon removal process, spend another 7 days in the hospital.

And somewhere in there I found the time to deal with debilitating panic attacks, depression, an ostomy bag, severe anemia requiring IV iron, and something else… oh yeah, my twin girls who had grown into twin toddlers!

But here I am!  I don’t think you can possibly go through all of that and come out of it the same, but somehow I managed to emerge as a person I am proud to be.  Now, I am not saying that this was all Happy Happy La La or that I have some miracle way of keeping a positive outlook when everything is going crazy in your life… unless you consider Xanax a miracle (which I do.)

I promise this blog won’t be depressing, though.  I’m going to be honest, so some parts are tough, but my ability to laugh at a really hard situation helped me keep from loosing my mind completely.  I mean sure I struggled with some depression and anxiety but with everything I dealt with in a 2 year period of time, I consider it a win that I didn’t wind up at the back of a bus in a bathrobe and tutu loudly singing “She’ll be coming round the mountain” while chugging Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and yelling at people for stepping on my imaginary cats!

Not quite a cat lady yet, but certainly not a good look...
Not quite a cat lady yet, but certainly not a good look…

13 thoughts on “A Brief Timeline of Crazy

  1. Hmmm, this is “Mimi” chiming in again… I’m pretty sure that I have seen you in a bathrobe, minus the tutu singing “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain” – as for the imaginary cats and Boones Farm Strawberry Hill – I think it might have been one loudly barking dog and a glass of wine…. but then, I’m just speculating!

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